My Day at the VIC

August 19, 2016 Blog


8.30am Arrive, turn on lights, computer, count float, check toilets for cleanliness and download emails.
9.00am Open the doors, ready for the stream of visitors!
Respond to emails and work through my action list: today my list entails

·         Write an invitation to all the local Operators to participate in a
Familiarity Tour

·         Give Scott instructions on designing a brochure for the First Fleet

·         Update National Toilets Map

·         Update online events calendar

·         Write a Blog

9.15 First Visitors walk in, people from Brisbane travelling to the Snowies. Today they only go as far as Katoomba and they want to take a different route from Putty or Bylong, and not through Sydney. I suggested to go via Merriwa, Cassilis, Ulan, Bathurst and showed them on the map. They were very happy with this suggestion, stocked up on free maps and went on their merry way.
9.20 Another couple walks in on their way home to Newcastle. They were at Agquip in Gunnedah. The husband picks up a First Fleet Book and talks to the wife. I ask if they are First Fleet descendents, and he says, his wife is on both sides. They didn’t want any help after that and left without saying good-bye. Ah, well.
9.30 Back to my desk. Where was I? – phone rings. “What is the name of the gift shop across the road from you and do you have their phone number?” Georgie Brown’s Cottage, and yes, here it is. – easy fixed. Where was I again? Ah, the National Toilets Map needs updating. All good except for a few changes. Done. Next – update events calendar: I have done most of it yesterday, just need to add the September movies today and the race dates.
9.55 More visitors arrive: a young man with a back-pack. He is from Japan travelling in Australia for a year. He asks if he can buy a train ticket to Gunnedah here. No, he has to do it online. Could I help him do it? Of course! He puts his heavy backpack down and I help him buy the ticket. He tells me he arrived in Willow Tree on the coach yesterday and slept at the Railway Station. It was very cold! Mmm, yes. He realizes the train does not leave until 2.45 this afternoon. Would he like to leave his backpack here while he goes exploring Willow Tree? Yes please. No worries. Off he goes and comes back an hour later. He is off to Gunnedah woofing on a farm. He grabs his backpack and wanders over to the train station.
10.15 Three people walk in and go straight to the toilet, avoiding me! A local lady arrives dropping a library book into the drop-off box, and while she’s chatting to me the toilet people escape without saying hello! Local lady leaves and before I reach my little office more visitors arrive. A couple from New Zealand who are off to Moree to the baths. Would I have a map and some information on Moree? Sure do! They leave, a man walks in, browsing. He is going to his mum’s 102nd birthday in Manilla. How nice! The phone rings. I don’t answer the phone while talking to visitors, must remember to listen to messages later. Man leaves. Phone rings again. It’s Ted with racing dates. Goodo! I can finalise the events calendar now. Done! Tick! Is it that time already!!! Quick look at what’s happening on Facebook and sharing events and local business pages. Haven’t posted anything on Instagram for a while! Quick look outside, anything interesting? Oh! Look at that! A vintage caravan! Click! Post. Well done. Next! A delivery man arrives asking for a place on Big Jack’s Creek. I show him on the big map in the Foyer.
11.00 Scott arrives  He is volunteering today. Hurrah! I can now work uninterrupted! I quickly give him the instructions on creating a new brochure about the First Fleet Gardens. He doesn’t need much guidance, he’ll do a fabulous job. From now on Scott looks after the visitors and I can get ahead with my chores.
4.00 Scott leaves, a draft of the new brochure on my desk – it is going to look fantastic! While he was here I was able to answer all my emails, send out a sunflower alert email informing 137 people about the Canola flowering at the moment, start on my monthly report, create an invitation and write this blog!
4.15 A lady from Sydney comes in and starts browsing. She saw the report about the Willow Tree Inn on Landline and decided to have their wedding anniversary dinner here. They booked a room at the cottage – beautiful, she said. She is looking at the Convict Bags, loves them. Please buy one – I think. She comes very close and says, I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Bugger. They never do. Still mourning a missed sale, I remember I had to check for phone messages! It’s Angus. He needs a list of local accommodation providers. Easy fixed.
4.30 Time to think about wrapping up the day. Tidying the desk, go check the toilets, give them a quick wipe, close all the windows, do daily reconciliation (sold two stickers, one bookmark and a tea-towel today and NO convict bag!!!) and count the float, take the chairs in, lock up and go home. Another interesting day at the VIC!

Caravan 1064

If you’re in Willow Tree, please come on in and have a chat! We love hearing your stories and if you’re interested, we will share ours! See you soon! Nikki