Stock Brands of the Liverpool Plains

Address : Station & George Streets, Quirindi 2343

Phone : (02) 6747 1226(Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre

As you stroll along George Street in Quirindi, you will find stock brands of the Liverpool Plains in the pavement. On the roundabout with the War Memorial Clock, opposite the Terminus Hotel, you can read up on an information board about all these stock brands.

Evidence suggests that sheep and cattle were moving through the Liverpool Plains in the early 1820′s making it difficult to pinpoint when pastoralism really began in this area.

Most of the Brands are those not originally associated with the properties but belong to known owners. Brands were required by law after 1866 and there are a number of stories relating to getting cattle inspectors drunk or driving off their horses so that property owners did not have their stock confiscated.

On a more practical note before the days of fencing an when cattle where driven to market, brands were the only way to separate mobs that may have accidentally been drawn together.

Brands or ear tags are mandatory to this day and are becoming more and more digitized and sophisticated. In some instances the classic branding iron has been replaced by a freeze dried brand which removes pigment from the hair follicles of the beast.

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