Contact : Sunflower Alert (Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre)

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You can find the most stunning sunflowers and sunflower crops in the Liverpool Plains, an easy 4-hour drive from Sydney and 3 hours from Newcastle!

The sunnies flower anytime between December and March, depending on when they are planted and on weather conditions. Once they flower, they offer stunning photo opportunities for about three weeks only, then they start to wilt, lose their petals and look very sad and droopy. The farmers also rotate their crops, so you won’t find the sunflower crops in the same spot every year.

Join our sunflower alert to be informed about when and where the sunflowers are at their best each season! Send an email to with “sunflowers” in the subject line and you will receive emails with updates on the sunflowers.

Make sure you drop in to the Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre on the New England Highway in Willow Tree – we can give you directions and maps to the sunflower crops. Please always keep in mind that the sunflowers are the farmers’ livelyhood and respect private property. Don’t jump fences unless you have permission from the owner. We make sure we lead you to the sunflower crops that are easily accessible from the main road.

Our sunflower crops are not a tourist park, but a working farm, and if the conditions are not right, the farmers won’t plant any sunflowers. Sadly it can happen that there is a season without any sunflowers! To avoid any disappointment please call the Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre on 02 6747 1226 before doing the trip.