Newcastle Variety Bash visits Blackville Primary School

Have you ever been at a Variety Bash visit? If not, head out to Blackville Public School on Sunday, 21 May. It will be a real buzz!

The Newcastle Variety Bash leaves Newcastle on the Sunday Morning and Blackville is their first stop on their week-long rally, raising funds for kids. This quote from their website describes their cause best:” Committed to empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn. By giving practical equipment, programs and experiences, Variety helps children in need to overcome whatever obstacles they face and live life to the fullest – simply put, we help kids be kids.”

Please join the Blackville community at the Blackville Primary School at lunch-time. There will be lunch available and lots of fun!


For more information about the Newcastle Variety Bash, go to