How to Groom a Horse

As we all know, horses enjoy rolling in mud, dirt, and anything else out there. It is important to be an integral part of your day-to-day horse grooming care routine since it will enable you to verify whether the animal has suffered any injury. Moreover, it will be a fantastic way to spend your time with the horse. Always make it a point to groom the horse prior to riding him, particularly around the saddle and the girth area. In this article, we have mentioned some guidelines on how to groom a horse.

A grooming kit is going to consist of the following:

• Body brush

• Hoof pick

• Tail and mane comb

• Soft brush

• Rag

• Curry comb

How to groom a horse

Always make certain that the horse is secure safely in cross ties, within a clean and safe aisle. Ensure that the grooming kit is far off to one side, and no object is on the ground around the feet of the animal. Begin every step by starting at the neck of the horse and then moving down his body. The right side has to be brushed after beginning on the left.

1. Make use of the curry comb for working loose hair and dirt to the coat’s top.

• The curry comb has to be pressed in a circular motion gently.

• It should not be used on the bony areas of the animal like the legs or the face.

2. Get rid of the excess hair and dirt by using the body brush

• The brush has to be dragged in the hair’s direction.

• Catch the dirt using short and quick strokes, and following this, turn the brush at the completion of the stroke such that the dirt is flicked by the bristles into the air.

• This brush can be used over most of the body of the animal; however, the usage of the brush on the face or legs might not be liked by some sensitive horses.

3. Get rid of any remaining dust by using the soft brush

• The soft brush can be used on any part of the animal

• It should be used in a similar fashion as the body brush; you need to follow the hair’s direction using quick and short strokes.

4. Comb the tail and mane

• Although the majority of the riders refrain from combing the tail and mane of the horse while grooming him, it will not be a bad idea after all.

• After starting at the end of the horse’s hair go to the roots slowly.

• Do not stand behind the animal directly for brushing out the tail. Instead, stand beside his rump and bring the tail sideways for brushing it.

5. Pick the feet of the animal

This is important since it is possible for stones to become trapped at the bottom of the horse’s hoof resulting in bruising on the sole. While picking the feet of the animal, stand next to his leg facing his hindquarters.